About Bremen Georgia

The City of Bremen’s first educational institution, Hamilton College, was established in 1893 with the first graduating class of three students in 1894. In 1906 the city of Bremen voted to establish tax support. for a school, and around 1907 Hamilton College was renamed Bremen High School. In the 1920’s athletic activities available to students included baseball, basketball, tennis, and track. Club activities included sewing, cooking, music, glee club, orchestra and literary. During the 1920’s there were no school dances as dancing was not permitted for religious reasons. Instead there were plays,pageants, picnics, receptions, and banquets.

During the 1930’s indoor restrooms were added to the school. The BHS Football program was also established. During those early days, students, graduates, and even non-students were allowed to play football. During the 1930’s, a gymnasium was constructed. This was a dream come true for BHS students because they had previously practiced and competed on an outdoor basketball court. The new gymnasium also provided a much needed facility for students involved in drama, music, and literary activities. The 1930’s are also remembered as the time when the Blue Devil was adopted as the school mascot.

During the 1940’s a lunchroom program was developed. Prior to the establishment of the program, teachers and students went home for lunch. During these early days, the school did not have a cafeteria. Instead, a house located next to the school was utilized.

During the 1950’s enrollment in Bremen continued to grow as did the school system programs. On November 2, 1950 the BHS band played for the first time at half-time of the football game. Enrollment growth also resulted in the current BHS facility being constructed during the 1950’s. A new football field was also created during the 1950’s. Also new during the 1950’s were school dances as dancing was then considered appropriate.

During the 1960’s a new gymnasium was constructed. Over $90,000 was raised locally for the project. The gym remained in used until 2014.

During the 1970’s the current Athletic Field House was constructed along installation of new lights at the football field and renovated stadium bleachers. During the 1970’s Spanish was added to the BHS curriculum along with the expansion of career training through the addition of a work-based learning program. The Literary Program excelled during the 1970’s, winning two state championships during that decade.

During the 1980’s a chemistry and physics lab was installed at BHS. During the 1980’s the gym floors were replaced, sprinklers were installed on the football field, several buses were purchased, and the campus was landscaped.

During the 1990’s computers were installed at BHS. The baseball team won a state championship in 1990 and girls’ softball won a state championship in 1991. The band also thrived during this time winning first in class at numerous competitions. Improvements have continued at BHS in the 2000’s up until the present including the Hamilton McPherson Fine Arts Center in 2012, the new gymnasium in 2016, a completely rennovated football stadium, and Blue Devil Family Park. Improvements continue with new construction scheduled for completion over the next couple of years.